Creating Personalized, Science Based Natural Medicine Programs

Functional Nutrition looks at your body as a whole. Instead of treating just your symptoms, functional nutrition works on finding the root cause of your problems and fixing those. At The Optimal Living Institute we utilize lab testing to help us figure out what is going on. When you become a patient of ours we start with 2 hour long visits to really get to know you and your case. Your first visit is dedicated to you. We collect a detailed health history, and take a deep dive into you and your past. The next hour we spend together is called your Report of Findings. At the Report of Findings, we analyze any lab testing you have had done, diet and lifestyle changes and then we go over your supplement plan. When your provider analyzes your lab results with you, they will explain why your labs could be “normal”, but you still feel sick. We look at your labs through a functional nutrition approach, associated with the IFM lab standards, and often the ranges we use are much smaller compared to traditional western medicine. This approach is why we are able to crack your case and get you the help you need.

At The Optimal Living Institute we believe that you need support, especially in the beginning of your plan so we schedule follow up visits according to your case and your needs. You are never doing your plan alone, we encourage weekly communications from our patients and our whole team at the clinic is standing beside you cheering you on through your healing journey.

How is our lab testing different?

We offer extensive lab testing to help us identify the root cause of your conditions/ symptoms. We do not believe in putting a “Band-Aid” over your symptoms and lab testing allows us to see where in your body you may need more support. We use functional medicine ranges when looking at results because we believe that is where your body functions optimally.

Lab Testing we utilize

  • Functional Nutrition Lab Panel
  • Urinalysis
  • GI Map
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Hormone Panels (Blood and/or Urine)
  • Hair, Tissue, Metal Analysis (HTMA)

*These are the labs we most commonly use, but that does not mean we cannot order extra lab testing for specific needs

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