Feel your best, sitting or standing is fine!

The Optimal Living Institute is one of the only clinics in the area to do internal tailbone adjustments. These adjustments are used to help people who are experiencing tailbone pain that our typical external adjustments do not fix. Oftentimes patients who need this adjustment have trouble sitting on their bottom for long periods of time, they may have trouble standing for long periods of time, and/or they often experience pain with the transition from sitting to standing and vice versa. When this is the case, it may mean the tailbone has curved further forward and needs to be adjusted.

What to expect at your first adjustment

Before the tailbone adjustment your provider will do a comprehensive health history, some muscle work in the area to help relax and relieve the surrounding tightness, they may adjust the rest of your pelvic area, and then they will perform the actual tailbone adjustment. The adjustment itself is very quick, 30-45 seconds for the majority of patients. When the adjustment is done your provider will give you instructions on what to do and they will leave the room for you to clean yourself up. When it is time for them to come back in the room with you, they will go over their findings and talk about next steps and your treatment plan.

Doing internal tailbone adjustments has changed people’s lives. While it may not be the most comfortable adjustment in the moment, the results speak for themselves.

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