New Lease on Life

“I meet Dr. Sarah 10/2011. She changed my life and gave me a new lease on life. I had over 52 surgeries/surgical procedures and was facing another. She put me through an intense cleanse with vitamins, medical foods and Kinesiology. After 4 months my body was on a course for healing that I never believed would happen. 3 years later, I am in the best health of my life. I am more healthy now than when I was in my 20’s. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you MUST believe in her!!”

Phil B.  Danville, CA

Dr. Sarah Helped Me take My Life Back

I was too young and fit to be getting winded and was in constant skeletal pain. My “western” docs couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Dr. Sarah successfully diagnosed a dual diagnosis of adrenal burnout and years of stress and weight training compounding old injuries. The nutritional and chiropractic protocol prescribed for me has helped me feel better than I have in decades and my pain is now negligible. Be open minded and GO! You have a whole new life to gain!


Dr. Sarah is Amazing

I was on 7 different medications for breathing problems, and my condition was steadily worsening to the point where I checked myself into the ER. I suffered for 6 months before I finally went to Dr. Sarah. She diagnosed me and began treating me, and I felt better in 4 HOURS, and went off all 7 medications in a week!! I’ve been healthy for a year. She explains everything clearly and scientifically, and treats the whole system instead of trying to fix one thing at a time. I am a patient for life.

Jennifer Stagner

Amazing Results

Dr Sarah has done in 30 days what Dr after Dr could not do in 4 years for my daughter. Dr Sarah has shown more compassion and true concern for my daughter than anyone on this journey. I just sent my girl off to college and I do not believe that would have happened without the amazing and fast results she has had with Dr Sarah. Could not be more grateful Thank you!!

Kelli C.  CDA, ID

Turned my life around

“For over a decade, I was told I was hypothyroid and would need medication for life. Pharmaceuticals clogged my liver, I got migraines, my hair thinned, I looked burned out, my bones were thinning, and I didn’t sleep well. By teaching me how to eat for my metabolic type and a couple of supplements, Sarah helped me wean myself off the medication, no more migraines, bone density has improved, I’m healthy and full of energy, and look so much younger than my age that everyone wants to know my secret.”

M.M.  Marin, CA

A fresh, new experience!

Dr. Sarah is a beautiful, amazing women who gave me confidence to go forward and is so skilled in her art. I found no worrisome negativity which most doctors gave me, and I am so excited to work with her more!

Emily C.  CDA, ID

Life Changing! CDA is Incredibly Lucky to Have Her

Dr. Sarah is one of the most amazing doctors I have ever visited, and I’ve seen many. She is a very knowledgeable, insightful and empowering practitioner who listens and really cares about her patients. With her support my TH5 thermography rating has decreased to a TH3+, she’s helped my hormones stabilize, my weight continues to improve, all while helping to uncover a very complicated underlying illness has been the source of numerous symptoms. I just can’t thank her enough.

Simona M

Dr. Sarah Exceeded My Expectations

I am currently enduring chemo for breast cancer, and I was referred to Dr. Sarah Kalomiros by a friend. Her knowledge and expertise has immediately proven to be helpful to me. I believe she really cares about me and my future. Instead of having a fatalistic attitude towards my current and future health, I am now empowered to help my body get healthy NOW. She’s a life-changing resource for me and I’d recommend her to anyone looking to take control of their own health.

Marisol W.  ID


“So grateful for Dr. Sarah Kalomiros and the Kalo Clinic. It is amazing to have a place to heal and trust in San Francisco. I always leave feeling better and more inspired than when I came in. ”

Guru K.  San Francisco, CA


Dr. Sarah has a focused approach that is refreshing. She is direct, factual and pleasant. You deserve to get Optimal Health Now.

Jake S.  ID

Best Doctor

I had been struggling with my back since about early 20’s from various sports injuries. I knew I needed a Chiropractor to adjust me, but each time I went to one, I was spending a ton of $$$$ and no results. Dr. Sarah is by far the best Chiropractor, and is super thorough. My whole family goes to her and some close friends and they have all been feeling a lot better too. Its sonic to finally be PAIN FREE after just 1 treatment. I will always go to her for maintenance.



If you have come to the point in your life where you are ready to commit to loving yourself fully and taking care of your body in a holistic and comprehensive manner, then you are ready for Dr. Sarah! She will help guide you into optimal health through diet and nutrition. She is kind and thoughtful and has helped me to reach my health goals! Thank you!”

Jackie P.  San Francisco, CA

I Have Gained and Learned so Much

Post cancer treatment can be a confusing, scary time of not knowing what is best to help your body heal, gain strength and keep future issues at bay. I am so fortunate to have met Dr. Sarah during that time of my life.She is professional and passionate in sharing her expertise, teaching and guiding sufferers of all ailments, especially cancer patients to health! Her tailored nutritional program/chiro have transformed my healing in the last year and given me a different outlook on the future me!

Jamie K.  CDA, ID

Life Changing…

Meeting Dr Sarah and following all her guideline has transformed me into a happy and healthy woman in just 6 months. She is so passionate, professional and sharing. I feel blessed To have a doctor like Dr Sarah and I travel from Europe to see her.

Sandra Choremi.  Greece


Dr. Sarah is amazing. I have been plagued with chronic pain for over 10 years. Dr. Sarah has been working with me, from diet and supplements and adjustments. She has relieved my pain levels by 75 to 80 percent and allowed me to start enjoying life again, without pain

Timothy Nielson.  Lewiston, ID


Having Dr. Sarah’s support in coping with the challenges of urban life and this toxic world is invaluable to me. With sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (WiFi, FR, Cell phones & towers) my system struggles to find balance, rhythm and sleep. Her sensitive assessment, recommendations and healing products really help me stay on track. It also affirms and encourages my own body wisdom. Dr. Sarah inspires with her personal well-being, strength and commitment to health and healing.

Cheryl Y.  CA

Kalo excellence

Sarah is very professional and enjoy her uplifting motivational style. She has helped me enormously in my physical and mental and spiritual state. I would recommend her with the highest regard ” Sarah is very professional and enjoy her uplifting motivational style. She has helped me enormously in my physical and mental and spiritual state. I would recommend her with the highest regard ”

Miguel R.  Oakland, CA

She Listened to My Body

I had gone from doctor to doctor for 4 years with them just putting me on medication that totally JACKED my body up! Finally after countless tests and doctor visits my mom and I found Dr. Sarah. She totally changed my life and got my body back on track within one summer! I left to go to college and I made it through the entire year which would not have been possible without her! She helped to get me feeling like myself again and has totally changed my life. I am actually changing my major and career path to follow in her foot steps so that I can help people like she has helped me!

Jacklyn C.  CDA, ID

Peaceful Sleep Again

Dr. Sarah worked her magic on my whole body making sure everything was firing correctly. She then, put my hip back into place; discomfort went away immediately. Give yourself a gift of health and schedule an appointment today.

Matt R.  CDA, ID

Excellent care and attention to your needs

She is a wonderful doctor. Not only does she have the skills of Western medicine she also incorporates Eastern medicine. She explains the technical jargon to you very clearly and makes it understandable and applicable to you. She is kind and supportive. She wants to see you succeed, be happy and healthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has felt like they don’t know how to get better. She will help you find the way.”

Stephanie D.  East Bay, CA

Good, better, best!

That’s what Dr Sarah taught me to consider when looking at options for food and the rest. DR S encouraged me to eat grainfree, starch free & sugarfree. 2 years after a myocardial infarction & eating this way & taking natural supplements (I also shed my cardiologist after 4 months) I shed 52lbs am full of energy & the black dog is no more. Blood tests continue showing improvement so much so I may live forever!

Scotty S.  San Francisco/World Traveler

Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah is a wonderful person, she LISTENS, she truly cares and she helps you. I am so blessed to have found her & will highly recommend her to others. She knows every hot spot on my body and heals them. I am so grateful for all you have done.

Joan Keller.  ID

Pain Management and Nutrition

I am grateful for the opportunity to see Dr Sarah. I have become accustom to living with pain and have been reluctant to take the advise of my local Dr….. 2000 miles from Dr. Sarah. My addiction to food (carbs and sugar) have complicated the pain and my overall health. Thank you Dr. Sarah for your help. In just a few weeks, the pain is almost gone. I am willing to continue eating correctly for the gain of being pain free. You are Amazing. Also… Thank you for helping Paula. ”

Paula G.  Pennsi

Best chiro session ever.

I finally saw Dr. Sarah for a chiro session I’ve been needing for a very long time. As always, she thoroughly understood what I needed – pretty much cracked my entire body and I walked out floating. She warned me that I might be sore for a few days after, but I feel great. Though I did take her advise and drank ton of water. She may be not be cheap, but she’s certainly amazing at healing bodies. And really, if it concerns my health, I’m not looking for the cheapest person around. ”

Par H.  San Francisco

Amazing improvement to eczema

“I have been working with Dr. Sarah for various sports injury rehabs for the last 7 years. As an experiment, I took my 12-year old son to see her because he has been struggling with eczema for the last 3 or 4 years. Dr. Sarah thought this might be diet related. She couldn’t have been more correct! We started by eliminating dairy (as far as possible) and adding various dietary supplements. The improvement is remarkable. The eczema is gone in just 3 months – and so are the steroid ointments. Yay!”

Mathew T.  San Francisco

Sarah’s The One

Dr. Sarah is not only compassionate and sensitive, but has a range of skills that have cured NFL players to children. My issues are slight to what I’ve witness her accomplish. I feel so lucky that she is here now in CDA. Don’t miss this gift of her range of expertise with healing your body.

Bonnie M.  ID

Dr. Sarah Rocks!

“We have been seeing Dr. Sarah at the Kalo Clinic for about 3+ years and she has sorted out many health issues for both my husband and I. My husband is a Type 1 diabetic who was on 8 different types of medications when we first met Dr. Sarah. After about 9 months she had him off everyone except for insulin which his body cannot produce. His regular MD’s had him on a pill for just about every organ he had. Now, with her helping his system he eats right and takes supplements all plant based.”

Terry L.  San Francisco

A True Healer

“Dr. Sarah Kalomiros is a true healer. From functional nutrition to chiropractic medicine, she treats my wife, daughter, son and myself. She has helped each of us find our path to healthy living.”

Mark L.  San Francisco, CA

I’m so grateful that I found Dr. Sarah!

“I have been seeing Dr. Sarah since October of 2013 for thyroid issues. From the first visit, a whole new world opened up to me, one of health and strength. I’ve lost over 40 lbs. and I love feeling good! My entire family has been treated by Dr. Sarah. She’s wonderful and I have so many positive things going on in my life because of her! I’m 63 but don’t look it and certainly don’t feel it!”

Jane O.  San Francisco, CA

Much thanks to Dr. Sarah

“I began seeing Dr. Sarah in 2012, after chemo, surgery and radiation for breast cancer. Following her nutrition & supplementation protocol to heal my immune system and detox all the poisons out of my system. Within time I began feeling like my old self again, great and full of energy. My husband even followed her nutrition protocol and lost 25 pounds, what a bonus. I have so much respect for Dr. Sarah she is awesome and I trust her with my life. Thank you Dr. Sarah for everything you do.”

Cathy C.  Forestville, CA

The Best

I’ve been to many chiropractic, holistic, natural doctors in the past 25 years and have never been to one who can do it all, Dr Sarah is amazing and her receptionist, Amy, is wonderful! I’ve not felt well for along time and no one has ever diagnosed me with heavy metals. Started her protocol at a slow rate as my body can tolerate and it’s only been a couple months and feeling a difference!! She is compassionate, caring, and won’t stop till she figures out the cause not just treating the symptoms


Dr. Sarah does it again!

“As my favorite hobbies are running (including marathons) and riding a horse, I’ve had quite a few injuries over the years. My latest from a riding accident – adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) – fixed by Dr. Sarah. This injury was quite severe so it took a few months of work. But I have recovered 90% range of motion and lost 90% of the (continuous and agonizing) pain. Light is at the end of the tunnel with no surgical intervention – Dr. Sarah is a magician!”

K.T.  San Francisco, CA

My favorite Dr of all Time

“I love Sarah She is my favorite Dr of all time Every time I am injured from sports she puts me back together. I am a regular Humpty Dumpty”

Zach D Marin.  CA

Such a Wonderful Human Being

If you’ve been hurt before by chiropractors, please don’t let that keep you from going to see Dr Sarah. She gives the most gentle adjustments I’ve ever had, and truly puts her soul into healing people. Its rare to meet a person who knows why she is on this earth, and devotes herself wholly to the betterment of others.

Ariana G.  CDA, ID

Finally someone heard…

“After 14 years of failed attempts by medical doctors to solve my symptoms, Dr. Sarah has transformed my life in 60 days. I have energy and HOPE! I can play with my children. The road isn’t always easy but if you follow her advice, you will regain your health! ”

G. F.  Chicago, IL


“A huge thank you to Dr. Sarah. After falling off my horse last month, I have had very reduced mobility in my shoulder, limited strength in my arm, and a lot of pain. In just 2 sessions, I have recovered a lot of the use of my arm and shoulder, and I’m not being woken at night with the pain. Still some healing to go but with Dr. Sarah’s help, I am optimistic that my shoulder will make a full recovery without any surgical intervention. Thank you!”

K.T.  San Francisco

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